Seghetti's Top Secret Seasoning
Don't ask whats in it. Just ask for it by name.

Seghetti's Top Secret Seasoning Specializes In Rare & Unique Salt Free, Sugar Free, Gluten Free, And Organic Spice Blends and Sauces. Established in 2015, Fred Seghetti began spice formulation for the Original Blend and created Seghettis, LLC. In May 2016, four more spice blends were created and released: Onions & Garlic Herb, Devil's Breath, Italian Herb, and Kids Blend. All of our products are Diabetes Approved.

Fred Seghetti

Fred Seghetti is the Founder & CEO of Seghetti's Top Secret Seasoning. American by birth and born November, 08, 1977, Fred Seghetti was brought up deep in the heart of Austin, Texas by two amazing hard of hearing parents that instilled many important core values in him. He is a single and independent father, veteran, entrepreneur, artist, musician, producer, author and philanthropist. He donates much of his work, time and talents to many causes all over the world. He is a household name whose insanely creative yet deeply abstract art, music and cooking style transcends our world, and as a savvy business man who has built a dream into an empire. For Spice. For Art. For Music. For Love. For Life.

Seghetti's, LLC
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